10 Questions To Ask When Buying A Smart Thermostat

The Nest Smart Thermostat


Smart thermostats are such an amazing great new and very useful gadget for homeowners to have installed. We were gone on a one week trip to Hawaii and left our thermostat on Air Conditioning Cool the entire time. We had a heat wave and the cost we paid in our utility bill quickly justified installing a new smart thermostat. Now anywhere and anytime, with our phone, we can adjust the temperature in our home. Last week, we were coming home and realized it was going to be hot at home so we adjusted the temperature so that when we got home our house would be cooled down enough for our preferences. So let me tell you the Top Ten things you you should consider when buy  a smart thermostats

Is it compatible with your other smart devices?

Before buying a smart thermostat make sure it will connect to your model of phone or other devices you will be using to access it. If you use a virtual assistant such as Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri make your smart thermostat will work with them as well. What good is it if you can’t access it from where you & when you need it?

Is it compatible with your HVAC system?

It doesn’t help to have something if it doesn’t work with the heating and air conditioning unit you currently own. Unless of course you are looking to replace your current HVAC unit.

Smart Thermostat Displaying Home Temperature On Mobile Phone

Does the Smart Thermostat show you the current temperature in the house?

We fluctuate between keeping our house at 77 – 79 degrees during the times we are home but can endure a little warmer for a short period – if our house is 85 degrees we can determine it will need to be gone for a little longer to get the house cooled down, and maybe stop for a cool beverage somewhere in Spokane while we wait.


Does it register humidity?

I have some wealthier acquaintances who have multiple vacation homes, and when the humidity reads unusually high it indicates there may be an issue with leaking water or a faucet left on. This is a valuable feature for them and alerts them to issues that can cause expensive problems if left unchecked.


What is the degree variance of the smart thermostat?

I was surprised some thermostats have a range of =/-1 degree while others can be as much as =/- 4 degrees. That’s a big difference when you are a person that likes it to have a smaller gap of temperature control.

Does the smart thermostat send alerts and reminders for changing your filters and other hvac maintenance?

Reality is very few of us have it on the schedule to change our filters, just like our smoke detectors it is something that oftentimes can be overlooked. Clean Air Filters improve the efficiency of your current HVAC system and increases the lifespan of your system all while providing cleaner air to breathe. Many newer smart thermostats have reminder settings automatically.


Does the it have the style you want on your wall?

There are a lot of options available now and after determining the actual needed functions you might as well see if they have a style you want that matches your style.


Is the smart thermostat customizable?

Let’s face it there is no perfect location the thermostat is located- so it’s kind of a cool function to have if you have some decorating preferences, with the light color, theme or even the information to be on the screen of the thermostat.


Does it have the function for variety of languages?

If you are reading this in English, this may not be a selling point for you, but if you share your home with your in-laws, family or roommates that speaks/reads other languages you may want to check for this benefit.


Is it easy enough for you to use it?

This is by far one of my personal most important facets of buying anything with technology. Don’t hesitate to ask the friendly experts at Holliday Heating to help guide you in choosing the right thermostat for you and your cooling needs.