How Does an Air Conditioning Installation Work?

We all know that an air conditioning installation maintains a cool and refreshing atmosphere inside our home or our office during the hottest days of summer, but do we really know how they actually work? A very little known fact about air conditioning systems is that they function in a surprisingly similar way to fridges. The only distinction between the two consists in the fact that while your fridge cools down a fairly small and isolated space, the air conditioning device maintains an ideal temperature inside your living space, working space, and even commercial space.

The whole operation of cooling down the air to a convenient temperature inside your property is founded on a pretty basic scientific concept, and everything else is attained through mechanical resources. Let us find out how do air conditioning installations actually chill your house.

The Operation of Cooling Down Your House with AC

Any AC installation uses special chemical compounds that transform from gas to liquid and vice versa extremely fast. Such chemicals capture the heat from the air inside your house and transport it to the air outside.

Each AC system contains three main pieces: a condenser, a compressor, and an evaporator. Your system’s condenser and compressor are usually found on the outside section of the air conditioner. As for the evaporator, you will typically find it inside your home.

The chilling liquid gets to the compressor in the form of a low-pressure gas substance. The compressor then extorts this liquid/gas, so that the particles in the fluid are stuffed much closer to one another. The energy and temperature levels rise proportionally to how close the compressor forces those particles together.

How Your AC Installation Replaces Hot Air with Cold Air

This is the way your ac system functions in order to cool your house:

The working liquid goes out of the compressor as a high-pressure, heated gas substance, and it travels to the condenser. The outside part of the ac unit has tiny metal paddles all over the housing. These small paddles work similarly to the radiator on a car, their main function being to eliminate heat much faster.

Inside the condenser, due to the high pressure, the gas is transformed again into fluid and it goes out much cooler. The liquid is sent to the evaporator through a small, tight hole and as the liquid gets to the other side of the passage, its pressure lowers. The liquid begins to evaporate as soon as this happens.

After that, the heat is extracted from the air around. This heat is needed to split the particles of the fluid into a gas. The metal paddles present on the evaporator also support the exchange of thermal energy with the air around.

When the substance used for refrigeration exits the evaporator, it is again a low-pressure, cooled gas. The operation begins all over again when it goes back into the compressor. The evaporator is also connected to a fan that helps circulate the air around the interior of the property and up to the paddles of the evaporator.

The air conditioning installation absorbs air into the pipes through a vent. This air’s application is to cool the gas substance inside the evaporator. Afterwards, the pipes blow air back into the room.

This whole procedure keeps on going until the air inside your home or office reaches the proper temperature. If the thermostat detects that the interior temperature is at the desired point, it shuts the ac installation off. If the atmosphere in the room becomes too hot again, the thermostat automatically turns the air conditioner on until the right overall temperature is reached again.

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