Electric Furnace Services

When it comes to central heating, consumers now have more options than ever. One of the best innovative HVAC service to date are electric furnaces. These furnaces operate cleanly and efficiently, without the use of gas hookups. This results in a convenient, efficient heating system that not only improves your comfort, but can help you save significantly in energy costs.

Holliday Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to offer a wide range of electric furnace services to customers in Spokane, WA and surrounding communities:

Electric Furnace Repair

Over time and with extended use, your electric furnace may wear down, putting its ability to function at risk. The highly trained technicians at Holliday Heating & Air Conditioning

Installation & Replacement

Whether your furnace is in need of serious repair or you’re looking to install an entirely new heating system, the experts at Holliday Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help. Our licensed professionals can inspect your home and current HVAC system, and install the HVAC solution you need. Learn more.

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