Gas Furnace

Whether your gas furnace needs a tune-up or repair, or you’re looking to install a new system, count on Holliday Heating and Air Conditioning. Located in Spokane, we offer a great selection of proven, quality brands and high-efficiency choices to deliver home comfort, just right.

Our high efficiency gas furnaces range from 92% to 97% efficiency, which means for every dollar you spend on gas, about 97 cents is working hard to heat your home, instead of going up the chimney and being wasted. Compare this to a furnace that is 20+ years old and likely only 55% to 70% efficient.

Today’s furnaces are much more advanced than old-style furnaces so replacing a furnace has become more complicated and technically demanding. Holliday Heating and Air Conditioning technicians know these technologies and will install your new gas furnace properly for optimum efficiency, comfort, savings, and safety.

For example, blower motors are now equipped with either a fixed speed motor, a basic motor, or a full featured variable speed motor. It’s no longer simply heat on or heat off. At Holliday Heating and Air Conditioning, we can actually size a furnace to control the temperature in your house to within .03 degrees of the actual temperature, while we reduce your gas usage for energy and dollar savings.

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