There’s often a lot of talk about high humidity levels and how they can have a negative effect on your health and indoor comfort, but low humidity can cause just as many, if not more issues for a lot of people. Excessively dry air inside your house will benefit from a whole-house humidifier to help balance out the moisture level and improve everyone’s comfort.

The Trouble with Dry Air

Dry air means there is a lack of moisture, which has many of the opposite effects of a high humidity household. Instead of thick, heavy air filled with moisture, the air is dry and your throat may become raspy or hoarse. Many people experience more colds and flus when the air is dry, more nosebleeds, itchy eyes, dandruff and chapped lips. For homes with carpets, dry air can increase the likelihood of static electricity, resulting painful shocks. Sometimes, if the air is exceptionally dry, wood floors and other fixtures may even crack.

Keeping Your Whole House Balanced

The key to combating dry air in your home is to increase the moisture level within the house on a continual basis. The most effective way to accomplish this is to have a whole-house humidifier installed. This will help increase the moisture level throughout the entire house, and it will enable you to easily control the percentage you find most appealing. You’ll also be able to control the humidity level while you sleep, which is when a lot of the chapped lips, sore throats and bloody noses occur from the air being overly dry. All it takes is one quick call and you can have a whole-house humidifier in your home.

Can’t I Use a Portable Humidifier?

The problem with portable humidifiers is that they are only effective in very small areas of the house. You’ll be able to add moisture to the air, and it might provide some relief, but the overall quality of life for people living in a dry household won’t really increase for an extended period of time with a small, portable unit.

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