New Systems

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The best home comfort solutions are designed to not only increase comfort and air quality in the home, but are designed in an efficient manner that significantly reduces energy costs and usage.

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Replacing your existing system can provide multiple benefits to the homeowner. Here are a few signs why it may be time to change out your system:

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Existing heating and cooling systems approximately 15 years in age and older can be 2-3 times less efficient or more  than modern systems. Longer running times with these systems typically will equate to higher energy bills. This is a detail that people are much better at tracking. Consider the costs of a new system and whether the system would pay for itself within a few years, compared to paying higher bills associated with increased energy consumption, and repairing, and purchasing parts for the old system.

Continuing to invest money into your existing heating/cooling system has a diminishing line of return on your investment. These frequent repairs will inevitably continue as your system continues to age, not to mention the downtime to your system and time off from work that will be required to accommodate the service technicians. Replacing your system now will not only save future money in repairs, but with continuing rise in material costs and inflation, you will also save your future investment while have a system under a complete parts and labor warranty to protect your investment.

In addition to cooling and heating your home, one of the HVAC system’s primary jobs is managing your home’s indoor air quality. An HVAC system does this by providing adequate ventilation throughout the home, keeping humidity at an acceptable level, and filtering allergens and other harmful particles out of the air. Bad indoor air can contribute to allergies, asthma attacks, respiratory problems, and even carbon monoxide poisoning. Since people spend an average of 87 percent of their time indoors, maintaining clean, fresh indoor air is critical. Dated HVAC systems can’t always keep up with today’s indoor air quality demands, and not all older units are compatible with add-ons like whole-home dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and ventilators. To ensure that your home’s indoor air quality is essentially free of pollutants, allergens, and harmful airborne chemicals, consider investing in a new HVAC system and any indoor air quality components that meet the unique demands of your home environment.