Make Sure Your Ducts are Cleaned Correctly

Done properly, duct cleaning can help keep your home and everyone who lives in it more healthy by reducing allergens and bacteria in the air that you breathe.

Key duct-cleaning advantages include –

  • Clearing out old dust, dirt, dander, pet hair, mildew and other pollutants
  • Helping your heating and cooling systems operate with greater efficiency
  • Delivering fresher, cleaner air to every room

Air Duct Cleaning That’s Professional and Thorough

Because we have the right process and excellent equipment, we’re able to do duct cleaning right. Our experts will –

  • Powerfully vacuum your ducts and using state-of-the art equipment including HEPA filters to make sure dust and pollutants are captured and don’t wind up back in your home
  • Securely seal access points after cleaning to protect the integrity of your duct system and prevent heating or cooling air loss
  • Clean the side walls of the ducts (not only the duct bottoms) with compressed air brush cleaning
  • Completely disinfect and eliminate mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses and other germs through a final sanitization step

We also stand behind our work with our money back guarantee of satisfaction.

Beware of air duct cleaning companies offering to clean your ducts for $49.99. A low-price on air duct cleaning often comes with hidden fees that tend to drive the price up fast. This leaves you paying more than what you bargained for and likely not receiving the quality of cleaning and performance that Holliday Heating and Air Conditioning provides.

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